“We recently needed a variety of retractable belts as well as some crowd control accessories for a theatre opening.  Not only did we hear back from SwayJack within 24 hours of our initial request, but we got a call from one of the owners of the company!  The ropes, belts and accessories were delivered even quicker than they promised, look great and are built to last."

— Rob Lehman, V.P. Carmike Cinemas

“When we open or remodel a new theater, one of our first vendor calls is to SwayJack for stanchions. They have a superior product line at a very competitive price. There is no other company offering crowd control barriers that comes close to SwayJack.”

— Joe Masher, COO Bow Tie Cinemas

“One of the true stars of Starplex Cinemas is SwayJack. They supply the stanchions and retractable belts for all of our theaters. We know that when we order from SwayJack, we’ll not only deal with two of the nicest guys in the crowd control business, but also that everything we order is of the highest quality and at a great price.”

— Kathi Gillman, Starplex Cinemas

"I've got one word (or is it two words?) for you if you're looking for any sort of crowd control barriers or POS products: SwayJack! Chris, Steve and their sales team are incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and honest. I actually look forward to calling SwayJack.  We give them four out of four stars!"

— Dennis Redmer, MJR Theaters